Welfare Assistance Campaign 2015

On the 28th of April, 2015, K Friends of Micro Mall held “Welfare Assistance” press conference and signing ceremony at Handan Cong Tai Hotel.

It was a collaborative effort between 2 companies, Hebei Open Group Enterprise Management Consulting and Hebei Department of Culture Media Co. Ltd to create sub groups for disabled volunteers.

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The press conference was attended by multiple notable organizations, Global K Friends, K American Friends of Jiangsu, Chamber of Commerce, Global General Counsel, ZheJiang’s Department of Joint Commodity Trading Centre and K School Group Founder – Cazenove Fast Learning. The conference also garnered plenty of corporate and individual owners of well-known establishments who attended and contributed many constructive suggestions crucial to the development of this Welfare Assistance Campaign. The campaign was a tremendous success and achieved its desired objectives. The success of this campaign not only will revolutionize history but also double up as a catalyst for research.



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K You Hui was launched September 2013 and has garnered international support. It now (in 2015) boasts of membership participation from 330 cities worldwide with over 1 million members comprising of the industries elites.  Besides being an influential brand as a whole, it also houses more than 30 sub-groups and categories. It’s multi-disciplinary, comprehensive, cross platform networking and business eco-system is currently the largest and most influential community network.