SKEA’s Team

Kitty Xie Yu is the Director and Founder of Singapore K Entrepreneurs Association (SKEA).

An accomplished woman Entrepreneur with over 25 years of working experience

and several awards recognizing her aptitude, expertise and professionalism.

        • Awarded
        • Elegance Singapore 2014
        • ~Mrs Singapore and Classic Mrs Singapore

        • Asia Pacific Women Entrepreneur 2014
        • ~Global business magazine

        • Director and Founder
        •  SKEA &  kyu group
        •  Victorian style furniture
        •  Kai You Business School Singapore
        •  Gold Phoenix Furniture (International Group)
        • Dolce2Dolce wedding 
        • Organization
        • Asia Pacific Excellence Board Nomination Committee
        • ~International Advisor

        • World Chinese Philanthropist Foundation
        • ~Secretary of Singapore

    • Assciation
    • Global Federation of Chinese Business Women Singapore
    • International Lion club of Singapore oriental, 308A1