As the internet and mobile technology gets increasingly more advanced, many companies have started using the Mobile Internet platforms, such as WeChat, Line etc to promote their services as well as to interact with their consumers and Business Associates.

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Likewise, K You Hui is a Networking Association that has joined the “mobile + era “community and introduced a new Platform for 640Networking online in the form of an Aggregation O2O Platform. This platform allows and provides an open sharing of contacts, mobile real-time discussions and Collaboration Opportunities which has proven to be its attractive assets, drawing Entrepreneurs from around the world to sign on as a member. Through the years, the success of the Association allowed it to be expanded into a total of 10 Countries and 338 Cities and garner over 1 million Membership sign ups from around the world.

The vision of K You Hui is to be the biggest and most influential local Community Organization, thus, the International K Friends Meeting Department have started to leverage on this new platform to create a down line of Services and Sub groups, each with their own direction and purpose to allow Members to better utilize the Association’s services. Through these powerful derivative channels, large scale public events and campaigns have been organized and executed especially in remembrance of special days and festivals of celebration, for example, Disabled Day in May.

One of the fundamental work cultures of K You Hui is to develop and design activities that would be of significance and help to the general public and/or community. Therefore, some of the services they provide like, training, providing of resources, cultivation of passions, and development of career pathways to instil a sense of value to both our Members, their friends and associates.
K You Hui invites more Businesses, Manufacturers, and Suppliers to join us to revolutionize the current market trends and supply chain and to create and build a new future.